About HCPA

HCPA's primary purpose is to promote continued professionalism of the corporate paralegal in recognizing the unique challenges facing the corporate paralegal by:

  • Emphasizing continuing legal education; to Furthering education among members of the profession;
  • Providing networking opportunities among peers;
  • Encouraging a high order of ethical and professional attainment;
  • Advocating full utilization of the paralegal as a valued team partner in servicing the legal needs of government and/or corporate entities; 
  • Providing a voice for its members on the issues facing the paralegal profession;
  • Cooperating with bar associations;
  • Supporting and carrying out the programs, purposes, aims and goals of the National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc.;
  • Establishing good fellowship among Association members, the National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc. and members of the legal community.


How We Began

HCPA was formed in Texas on October 26, 1992 as the American Corporate Legal Assistants Association (ACLAA) by a group of Houston corporate paralegals that felt their specialized needs were not being met by a larger Houston area association.

In 2004, our members voted to change the name to reflect the national trend of our profession to call ourselves “Paralegals” and not “Legal Assistants.” We also expanded our voting membership criteria to include law firm paralegals who work in law firms that are either a professional corporation (P.C.), a professional limited liability corporation (P.L.L.C.) or a limited liability corporation (L.L.C.).

On July 26, 2005, we became an affiliate of the National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc. (“NALA”)